Amal Garzouzi
Arbitrator and Mediator


Amal Garzouzi is a bilingual arbitrator and mediator practicing in Quebec and Ontario. She specializes in labour, employment and human rights matters.

Amal has extensive experience on a broad range of labour and employment issues including corporate reorganizations, collective bargaining, as well as privacy and accommodation. She is committed to helping parties resolve their disputes in a creative and practical manner.

She is on the Quebec Ministry of Labour’s approved arbitrator list for grievances and disputes, as well as the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Arts list of arbitrators. Amal is also listed as an arbitrator on Quebec’s Health Board, Education Board and Pension Plan Board.

Federally, she is also an approved adjudicator under the Canada Labour Code and she served as an arbitrator at the Canadian Railway Office Arbitration & Dispute Resolution (CROA).

Amal Garzouzi is regularly appointed to conduct interest arbitrations, including for first collective agreements.


  • Amal Garzouzi's arbitration awards are available here